Eat, Exercise, Enjoy

…Are possibly my FAVORITE fruit ! 

They are a cross between a plum and an apricot (plu + ot = pluot!)

They are SOOOOOOOOO good! :)

Have you ever tried a pluot?

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    for those of you who didn’t know what a pluot was
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    omg where do i get this!!! ive had a grapple grape=apple… but never this!
  8. sunnyseedstories answered: No, but it looks delightful! (And the French-sounding name doesn’t hurt either!)
  9. irma-bollie answered: Nope!! It looks yummy :)
  10. spanishdoeslife answered: AAAAAAAW YEAH!
  11. positivitychoice answered: Love them! Have one in my dinner bag as we speak!
  12. ahundred-lifetimes answered: no, where can you purchase?
  13. belovedme answered: yes! i love them! i used to work at farmboy and tried one there. sweet but not too sweet and i like that it’s soft and juicy :)
  14. chelseaalysse answered: no but they look delicious! Reminds me of grapples :) (grape+apple!)
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